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The founder of Find Dental Providers has over 30 years’ experience working with Dental Insurance companies throughout the United States. Our company was established to partner with dental providers while generating new marketing initiatives and continuously promote the business for our network of dental providers. These exclusive services will increase and retain new patients for our member dentist.

Over the 30 years of working in the dental insurance industry, it has been determined that denied claims were identified as one of the main challenges between patients and their dental providers. At Find Dental Providers, we realize the importance of resolving denied claim issues not only for the consumer but also for our member dentist. So, we decided to go further than just being recognized as a dental referral agency; we will also assist the consumers in referring to their denied claims. Our objective is to provide the consumer with instructions on how to appeal their denied claim. This additional service is what makes Find Dental Providers stand out in the dental referral industry. We care about helping the people we refer and want to try our best to get them through the process, even when it becomes challenging. This is a great benefit for our dental members and consumers, and we want to ensure that each of our referrals realize that “Every Smile is Priceless”! 

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Our mission is to ensure that when our company refers a consumer to a provider in our dental network, the consumer receives quality dental care.

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Find Dental Providers “Every Smile Is Priceless” is a General Networking Dental Referral Service

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