To become a member of the Find Dental Providers network you must complete an application and pass our background check process. Our company provides consumers with the best dentists in the area. To ensure that our dental providers in our network fulfill our requirements we provide continuous monitoring of the dentists.

Below are the requirements needed to become a member of our network and remain in compliance:  

  • Find Dental Providers will verify that all dental providers in our network retain a Dental License and remain in good standing. We also require that all our dental providers within our network carry malpractice insurance requiring a certification for any claimed specialty or service.
  • Maintaining detailed dentist information, including school attended, services offered, office hours and more validating claims of practice features such as the ability to treat young children or state-of the-art equipment and also monitoring patients on an ongoing basis to assure the highest level of satisfaction and care.
  • Once a dentist has satisfied all our requirements, we will approve their application. Your credit card will not be charged for the first 90 days. After the 90 days has elapsed the dental provider will pay the fixed monthly membership fee. If any of our dental providers neglects to maintain our requirements based on our criteria or if we receive continuous complaints from the consumers, that we refer to their practice the dental provider may be removed from our network. Please be advised that prior to removing a dental provider from our network we will investigate all complaints from the consumer to ensure that we have all the facts. Find Dental Providers has no jurisdiction on of any of the fees that our dental providers charge the consumer.  We also have no advice regarding treatment options or the way our providers practice.
  • Our services are completely free to the consumer and we are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The consumer may contact our company at 1-877-DDSDOCS (1-877-337-3627) or by logging on to our website at finddentalproviders.com. Our representatives will request the following information below from the consumer to match the consumer with a dentist in our network that best matches their dental needs.
  • Name of the Consumer
  • Dental Insurance information (e.g. Employer, Government or No Insurance).
  • Type of Dental plan (e.g. PPO, Premiere or DHMO)
  • Type of services (e.g. Cleanings, Exams, Root Canal)
  • Zip Code
  • The consumer will be directly forwarded to the dental office via phone or receive a SMS (TEXT) which will include the dental providers contact information.
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